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Posted by on 1999 Apr 27 |

Moon Mages and Clerics Glimpse Visions

(The Provinces: 249 Moliko 357)

You’ve read of the first moon mage vision, related posibly to the Bone Dancer Lasarhhtha.

Following that vision by a few sundowns, moon mages saw another vision.

In that one, we have the Unicorn, being Hodierna’s symbol, and the Jackal, symbol of Eylhoar, light aspect of Urrem’tier. There is no god with a serpent symbol, but a few with snakes.

Later that same evening [at about 9:53pm central time] the Realms saw:

A plume of blue fire explode over Shard, sending a shower of indigo sparks and twinkling streamers across the night sky.

There was then a very large Death Spirit invasion of Shard. During the invasion, the clerics received two more visions, reported also by Zyghila from Riverhaven:

Sparkling blue light swirls before your eyes, barely unveiling the shadowy image of a darkened path. Footsteps precede the sight of a black jackal trotting down the trail, leading a group of misty figures away from a gleaming road. Behind them, a withered serpent herds stragglers towards the procession. Without warning, the jackal snarls, howls, and falls to the ground. The vision shatters into a thousand splinters of light and fades.

Then this a few moments later….

Vertigo momentarily overwhelms you as you sense a great number of souls falling into darkness. Quickly, you regain your balance as the lingering sound of their screams vanishes.

Bone Dancer Lasarhhtha was awake during this invasion and afterwards. He was unscryable at the time. Supposedly he was heading north and looking for a smuggler, though I got few details on that.

Comments on the visions and what the Bone Dancer may be doing are welcome.