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Posted by on 1999 Apr 30 |

More on New Races

(Crossing, Zoluren: 271 Moliko 357)

Rumors of more than the Seven Races keep surfacing. Indeed, even Guardian Mage Shalnhh himself makes reference to it in his news and babblings of 3/23.

Astute research has provided a few more clues in a most unlikely place. The Hall of Choosing.

While looking at the figurines of the races in the Hall of Choosing, one looks at the human races, one can note that the Human is tall and strong, but not as tall as the Gor’Tog or the Kaldar. Further, it mentions the shorter races…dwarves, halflings and gnomes.

This is the only figurine showing any hints as yet…but it appears to give an insight as to new adventurers who may soon be coming to the Crossing…Kaldar and gnomes.