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Posted by on 1999 Mar 24 |

My Face! What Is This . . .

(Crossings, Zoluren: 125 Shorka 357)

A well armored Elven man walked into the bar, has a seat on a taller stool and starts rubbing his face.

He looks over at the barkeep and says, "By the Gods what is this!"

Looking at him, one could clearly see he has grown a large patch of hair on his chin and neck!

"I do belive its called a beard," says a Dwarf sitting in the corner.

He aproaches and continues speaking to the Elven man, "Our elders spoke of them, wonderous things they are, I do wish i had one . . ."

The well armored man, obviously a Paladin, says, "Aye says your elders, but all I seem to get from it is winks of ladies and a un-ending itch!" he grimaces and walks out muttering, "My saddle for a razor."