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Posted by on 1999 May 30 |

New Races!

(The Provinces: 392 Nissa 357)

A tall woman with long black hair and green eyes enters the bar. Without hesitating, she starts to speak.

"As ya probably know by now, Baresh, there are now 11 races walking Elanthia."

"At the height of the Gorbesh paranoia today, we were greeted with four new racecs: The Prydean, the Rakash, the Kaldar, and the Gnomes."

"The Prydean, a proud race of feline humanoids. They have slitted catlike eyes, manes, and fur. They are extremely vain, but what else would you expect from a cat?"

"The Rakash, which are sometimes human, sometimes a furry, doglike creature (aka Werewolves). They live in packs, and each individual is dedicated his or her pack. Very interesting, although unlikely to be the favorite new race."

"The Kaldar, which is basically an extremely superior human. They are proud, laid back, noble, good-humored, strong, intelligent, and are likely to be the favorite new race."

"The Gnomes, which are basically a blend of Halflings and Dwarves. Like dwarves, they are very industrious. Like Halflings, they are intelligent and quick-witted. They are brilliant inventors. They are short."

"Oh yeah, on a related note, and invasion DID come in the Crossing today, but not the expected Gorbesh. Rather, an invasion of those poor undead Rakash and Prydeans! Kin, Adult, and Ancient members of each race swarmed the Crossing East Gate, killing hundreds. They stole items, dropped gems, and basically gave everyone merry hell for a while."

"Well, nice talking to ya Baresh, gotta go." The woman stands to leave, but as she does so, Baresh notices that she is no longer a woman, but an animal with grey and black fur."