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Posted by on 1999 Apr 12 |

Night Sun

(Crossing, Zoluren: 198 Uthmor 357)

An Elven man, clad in dark clothing approaches the bar. He seems deep in thought as he turns towards the Bar Keeper.

"Baresh, I’ll take the strongest thing ye have on tap."

As he takes his drink from Baresh, he quickly guzzles the drink in a single gulp. He then looks at the Bar Keeper, his deep violet eyes almost entranced.

"Baresh, I had thought I had seen almost all there was to see. But tonight I was most definitely proven wrong."

The Elf stares at his empty glass as he continues saying, "Have ye ever seen the sun shine during the night? Tis an odd thing really. Sure enough though it was there, plain as day . . . err night. Would ye like to see my journal?"

Without pausing to see if Baresh nodded his head or shook it, the Elf takes a well-used leather bound book from his forester’s cloak. He turns quickly to the last page, then turns his journal so that Baresh may better read it. The journal reads:

"It has been 357 years, 198 days since the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer. It is the 5th month of Uthmor the Giant in the year of the Silver Unicorn. It is currently summer and it is night. You’re fairly certain it’s near the Anlas of Berengaria’s Touch.

I saw an odd thing tonight as I did my regular stargazing, this is what I saw as I observed the sky:

I scanned the sky from horizon to horizon. The sky above is a bright blue, and free of clouds. The night sun shines unobscured by clouds. I didn’t notice Xibar. I noticed Katamba is in the sky. I noticed Yavash is in the sky."

With a flick of his wrist, his journal closes and goes back to its pocket in the Elf’s cloak. He pauses to gaze at the disbelief in Baresh’s eyes.

"Surprising is it not Baresh? It sure has made my evening rather interesting. My memory is very foggy concerning the Prophecy. But I do seem to recall something in there about a midnight sun."

After saying that, the Elf gathers his belongings from the bar. He loosens his longsword in it’s harness, to ensure a quick draw. Then the Elf proceeds to count his arrows.

As he tosses Baresh a few silvers for his drink the Elf says, "One can never be too careful Baresh. It might be good for business if ye told yer patrons to prepare for the worst."

As he walks almost glides towards the door without a sound, he calls back to Baresh and says, "Keep the change too."

That being said, he disappears into the night outside the door.

[Ed note: the reports of a night sun were attributed to unintended anomalies which the Guardian Mages are trying to track down. In other words, after some research into this … it was a bug and they never saw fit to document it to people who kept a vigilence in the skies and watched for a night sun as spoken of in the Prophecy of the Three Deceivers.]