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Posted by on 1999 Apr 13 |

Not-so-Friendly Critters

(Crossing, Zoluren: 197 Uthmor 357)

Narrowly dodging a drunken Gor’tog proudly showing off his newly forged broadsword, Shyonenkyo plops himself down at the bar.

" Well met Baresh. It’s been a long day. The usual?" Baresh plops a large glass of Lethian ouisque in front of Shyonenkyo as he flips Baresh a bronze.

"Well lemme tell ya, I’d a had less trouble teaching a halfling table manners than I did getting here. First thing I see when I get here a few days back are these nasty little ghosts. Spirits of the dead the call ’em. These Death spirits shot me with these nasty bolts. I tell ya, I ran like a spooked goblin! Then I saw this rat, all covered with pus. It bit some poor Elothean who got all sorts of nasty molds and gunk oozing offa him.

Baresh blanches in disgust.

"I tell ya though, I been hearing that some of the pests in the wilds been disapperaring. This thing only happens before a massive swarm of baddies! That fat tub of lard with the broadsword back there is gonna find his weapons just as useless as the Mirror Wraith said. Something bad is gonna happen Baresh. Real bad. I’m gonna hide underground for a couple days. Lemme get some of that ouisque ta go, will ya?"

With that Shyonenkyo grabs a case of ouisque, flips Baresh a few silver and leaves…