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Posted by on 1999 Mar 22 |

Paladins Make Fools of Themselves at Tourney

(Theren, Therengia: Lirisa 357)

As I attended the tourney today, I looked upon all the paladins from near and far and wished I had decided to join. That moment of pride, however, was short lived.

Except for a few matches, most of them were all the same, 2 opponents playing the JabParry game, boring the spectators with draw after draw. Complete embarrasment did not come however until AFTER the winner was declared, although all could see the tension mounting as the afternoon went on.

Upon announcement of the winners, I watched most of the paladins, save for a few, throw honor and integrity out the window. Fussing because they didn’t win, mocking the tourney itself and even a few threats were made to our noble hosts.

This my friends is why we as Paladins get NO respect. What ever happened to our code of honor? Did it get lost in our own hunt for personal recognition?? Read on what a paladin SHOULD be if you don’t like it maybe you need to do some soul searching and find a new profession.