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Posted by on 1999 May 2 |

Perhaps it was Hodierna?

(Zoluren: 277 Moliko 357)

A young, but experienced War Mage walks into the bar, trembling from head to toe.

"Nothin’ fer me Baresh… I’ve been shaken up enough today…" She removes her coat and places it on the back of her chair. Then she leans against the bar, with her head in her hands.

"Since I am but a young traveller, durin’ all of ‘dis chaos, I was hidin’ in the sanctuary of Hodierna’s Solace to pray for the lives that ‘ad been lost. As I climb-ed the stairway, I saw ‘dis outta the corner of me eye:"

Silently a young woman appears, her face red from crying. She kneels in front of one of the niches and removes a hilt from a broken sword from a pocket on her skirt. Placing the hilt inside the niche, she whispers a brief prayer and reaches out and touches the candle inside the niche. Her face is momentarily transformed as she does so, the grief ebbing away and being replaced by calm.

She laughs, as if someone had just whispered something funny to her, and then sniffs, wiping the tears from her eyes. She dips her head at you before turning and scurrying off.

"Could it ‘ave been dearest Hodierna crying over the lost lives? Perhaps it means somethin’ more? I wish I knew, Baresh. I wish I knew…"

And with that, she stands up, brushes herself off, and heads out the door.

"Oh, and Baresh?" she chimed.


"I have a feeling this isn’t the end to it all…" Her voice fades into the distance as she steps out, back into the fray…