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Posted by on 1999 May 30 |

Prydaen, Rakash Flee From Undead Hoards

(Crossing, Zoluren: 389 Nissa 357)

As the Prydaen and Rakash refugees fled to The Crossing I spoke with one at great length. He told me of their journey and the fearful life in death that does not allow them to return home. They come from a land far to the west of Zoluren, and have known about us for quite some time, but chose to ignore us. Several years ago they began having trouble with the undead. They did not think it was serious until the hubs of Sunfell, Sunmark and Sungrove fell to these living dead. Only the very young or old Prydaen live in their hubs along with the priests. The hub usually resides in the center of a large expanse of land, where the majority of the Prydaen roam in solitude or with a mate. The Rakash form much closer knit communities and thrive with their pack.

With the fall of the hub of Sungrove they realized the significance of the threat, and were forced to work together. They found their long dead relatives come back to life, or unlife, as the walking dead. As they realized what was going on they began using naphtha to burn the bodies of their dead, so they could not be revived to walk in such a state. After several reconnaissance missions they learned that a Warrior Mage who deals with the darker arts was behind this most foul atrocity. Her name is Lyra, and she controls the undead through a staff of gold tipped with a bloodruby. Vael, whose hub they had been using as a gathering point, came up with the idea of killing Lyra to free their lands from this plague. They did succeed in killing her, by Vael’s own claws, yet she quickly sprang back to her feet, as the living dead and retained all of her former powers.

By the use of a Moon Gate, the party led by Vael quickly left her encampment, and returned to the hub. However, Lyra’s undead forces quickly came toward Vael’s hub. Panic insued, some chose to flee west, while others followed Vael to the east. However, the undead have no need of rest and quickly began gaining on Vael’s group. With a mighty effort the entire group of Prydaen and Rakash formed a line a mile long and began chanting. Vael later admitted that he knew not what guided him to do what he did, but from their chanting a great barrier, part magic, part god-wish, arose from the ground, stretching far to the north and south. However, such a feat was not without cost, as Sharlir, wife of the Rakash pack leader Methesdred, was killed and dragged beyond the barrier shortly before it was constructed. The great barrier separated the fleeing group from Lyra and her undead hoards, however, it is unknown how long it shall last. Some believe when the creators die, so will the barrier fall. Others think it is only a matter of time before the magic is diffused and it falls back into the earth which bore it. Regardless, it currently saves all of Zoluran from Lyra’s wrath and shall hopefully do so for much longer.

The group led by Vael arrived shortly thereafter at the gates of The Crossing, tired, hungry, and in dire need of many supplies. They have since joined with the citizens of Zoluren and the surrounding provinces, as their new home. A new hub has been created west of The Crossing where they shall build their new home. However, not much can be said about their counterparts that fled west. It is most likely that, seeing she could not advance farther east, Lyra marched west, killing the remaining Prydaen and Rakash. In addition, we may feel a rather strong backlash from the undead that were not trapped west of the great barrier, as we have housed that which they seek with vengence.