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Posted by on 1999 May 30 |

Races and Undead

(Crossing, Zoluren: 391 Nissa 357)

As I write this, I have just barely scraped by on of the largest hordes of undead to attack the Crossing. And, I fear, there will be more to come. The day was heralded by reports of Gorbesh attacking Shard, apparently after some refugees. These refugees turned out to be Gnomes, Kaldar, Rakash, and Prydaen, all fleeing from the Gorbesh.

I spoke with many of the races, and from what they say, disturbing things are heading our way. The Gnomes firmly believe in their leader, a five century or so old Moon Mage named Trimbolt, who has had visions of the dreaded undead. Apparently the races are fleeing from the west, where a large barrier is in place to keep in the armies of the undead. One gnome remarked that the spell ethereal shield resembled the barrier.

The gnomes are making their way north in search of a leader who can guide us through this deadly time. They believe this hero is Lanival, and see a way free him, as Trimbolt has sensed the barrier is weakening, and the creatures I just battled are some of the creatures that broke free. These undead take the corpses of slain members of the now 11 races and turn them into undead kin, which were the brunt of the assault. While speaking to the races, I managed to learn much of their cultures. Here is what I have gathered:

Gnomes: A short halfling sized race, slightly shorter than the halflings. Very curious and love shiny things as well as a natural affinity to magic. The types are rock gnomes, who like diamonds especially, Tinker gnomes, such as the ones I met, who enjoy fixing things, Deep gnomes who live way underground, and Forest gnomes who live, well, in the forest.

Kaldar: Mainly human for the most part, the Kaldar are much stronger, and have an extreme determination. They are allies with the gnomes, following the wisdom of Trimbolt. They have fought the Gorbesh for years.

Prydaen: An odd feline race with a diverse culture. Hunters by nature, their claws enable them to catch and eat whatever they choose as prey. They don’t like the other races, and are only with them out of necsessity. They refuse to eat anything but raw meat, and drink milk. Most live in the woods, but kits and elders live in small hubs, which are tiny migrating towns. Once a kit can survive on it’s own, It leave the hub to live like the rest in the woods. They are very solitary creatures, even among their own race.

Rakash: A wolf-like race, who live in packs and strive to help their family. They have much endurance, strength, and speed. Unlike the Prydaen, they cook their food, and they have a short tail with curved ears, though I really didn’t talk with many of them.

The undead army was lead by a former Prydaen named Lyra, now undead. She was killed by the current Prydaen leader Vael, who fought bravely in the towns defense. He slit her throat, but she was undead and returned. She is now in hiding, and the current leader is Sharlir, a Rakash and former packmate of Methesdred, The Rakash leader. From how the armies of the undead were described, they are overwhelming, and the barrier is breaching rapidly. I have felt it breaking, and I pray to the Immortals that Lanival be awakened soon. We may be divided races, but if one thing pulls us through, it will be our faith.