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Posted by on 1999 May 29 |

Raven-haired Snake Woman

(The Provinces: 385 Nissa 357)

"Greetings Baresh," says a tall elf in all black except a red sash at his waist, as he slowly strides into the room. "I’ll have the whiskey. The special bottle," he says with a wicked grin.

Baresh grimaces and pulls out a clay bottle with a cork top from under the bar. He turns his eyes away while he pours.

Kashkin grins again and crooks his finger. The glass slowly rises and floats across the room to his awaiting hand. He holds the glass into the light and eyes the brown liquid. "I’ve recently been wandering around these realms and i’ve had some strange visions. I would of thought nothing of…I see things now and then, and not always cause of this stuff," as he looks again at the brown liquid. "But I saw two visions, ones that most definetly correlate. The first one was in crossing, I saw through the mists a raven-haired woman with snakes for eyes and a hissing serpernt tounge."

Baresh gets a strange look on his face and Kashkin chuckles "saucy isn’t she" he asks. "Well to continue I was in Shard not too long afterwards, and in the mists a floating head of a dark-haired woman rises and then vanished."

Kashkin shrugs once more and gulps down the liquor in one quick swig. "Well thats it, make of it what you will. There are lots of grand events going down right now, and I don’t want to sound crazy but this snake girlie can’t be good luck."

"You’ll find the neccesary funds already stowed away in your pouch." Kashkin grins once more and walks out to the noisy street.