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Posted by on 1999 Mar 25 |

Shiln’s Fate

(Crossing, Zoluren: 19 Shorka 357)

I have already told of my recent dealings with Velmix. I was unable to report then the rest of what I have learned of that evening.

Though warned that such information often lead to death or madness, the allure of knowledge that "few living have ever known" proved irresistable to Shiln, and he agreed to pay whatever price necessary.

This being decided, the group ventured to the Mausoleum. Here Velmix explained to Shiln that there are three types of beings in the world. Those that feed, those that are flesh, and those that "sit in between." Shiln expressed some puzzlement and Velmix further explained to him "It is very simple. I feed. You are flesh. and those in betweene both."

At this point Shiln was asked to make a choice between himself, Kainan, and Zsalia.

Zsalia warned, "Choose one of us…And live the rest of your short life dealing with that. Or choose yourself, and be lifted up."

Shiln, not being one to place his responsibilities on the shoulder’s of another, chose himself.

He was then asked to drink some of the Mobar blood. Velmix did likewise and commented on how stale it was. He then placed his hand upod Shlin’s chest and commented that Shiln was "fresh." Shiln was given a moment to pray to his god, and then the following events occured:

* Shiln was struck down!

Moving with blinding speed, Velmix slammed his fist through Shiln’s ribcage and ripped out his still beating heart. Velmix took a bite of the heart and glanced at Zsalia. Zsalia nodded to Velmix. Velmix said, "Feed on it, as you wish."

After Velmix left, Zsalia, true to the empath’s calling attempted to do what she could to save Shiln. She did comment, however, that she served the goddess Eylhaar and that were Eylhaar to wish to take Shiln to the Void, she would help deliever him there. But she said it was not his time and attempted to drag Shiln’s body from the Mausoleum.

The reached the outside only to discover an invasion of velvers. Zsalia was quickly struck down while Kainan cowered inside.

While things certainly looked grim for Shiln at this point, I am glad to report that he is back among the living and seems as well as ever. The gods appear to have taken unusaul pity on him, for a warding glyph was placed over his body, he was departed, walked the Starry Road, and was returned to this world. The only question is, for how long is he safe from such a menace as we have met?