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Posted by on 1999 Apr 1 |

Song Challenge a Success

(Crossing, Zoluren: 150 Shorka 357)

Expecting a small crowd and a quiet evening, members of the Troupe of Four Winds were overwhelmed by the response to the Second "small" Bardic Song Challenge. Walk in entries required that they cut off the number of contestants at sixteen in vain hopes to see their beds before the sun rose once again.

Competition was heated and the songs were excellent, with a surprise story thrown in while the judges were too groggy to protest that it was a song contest. They weren’t, however, too groggy to appreciate the gorgeous tale of how the S’Kra Mur came to be, and Cythereia Sunsinger’s "A Tale of the Dragoness" brought home top honors, a pelican shaped ocarina and three platinum kronars.

Other winners were (in descending order): Elena Dariel with "Wind-Catcher", Lethargy Silkfingers, singing "Lady of Shadows" and a tie for 4th and 5th place between two first time entrants, Kirinki Nentathren with an ode to motherhood "The Day I First Knew You" and Dalashai Argentis singing a charming bardic complaint, "Without Reason or Rhyme."

There were an amazing number of songs that could have swept the top places on a different night, and the judges and audience hope to see those competitors and those who couldn’t quite make it in at the upcoming two-night Bardic Tournament of Song.