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Posted by on 1999 Apr 5 |

Taisgath Obelisk Revisited

(Taisgath Island, Qi’Reshalia: 169 Uthmor 357)

It all started last night when all three moons finally set. I was sitting out in the crossing enjoying the night when I saw a bright flare coming from the islands. Instantly, I hopped on the Seerah (which I almost missed!) and headed toward Taisgath Island.

The ferry was full of moon mages and scholars alike whom had seen the flare. We all grouped together and got to the obelisk. It reacted just like the one in Theren did except for the fact that it would waver slightly in our vision and that the inscription on it writhed.

Researcher Taol of the moon mage council had arrived and was studying it, though he gave us no clue as to what was happening. We waited and waited until finally Yavash rose from the east and the obelisk flared with light for a second.

Scared half witless, expecting stuff like what happened up in Theren, I almost turned tail and ran. Then with Katamba the same thing happened. When Xibar rose it flared and then began to waver very quickly.

Now it got scary.

The sapphire atop the obelisk blazed and a sheet of azure light surrounded the obelisk and a portal appeared. Then the ruby flared which made lines of energy swirl through the portal making it kinda foggy. Then the topaz and the portal solidified into an inky black. When at last a pearl flared into life.

A silver sheen washed over the obelisk and then it happened. A winged skull appeared in the portal and tried to make it out into this reality, but the portal closed too soon. We were all baffled and poor Taola had no clue what to do.

Then in our head we all heard a cold voice that made my skin crawl. "soon my faithful" was all it said. Then the aura around it flared and the obelisk had a new inscription on it. Who knows what this means or what it portends.

The Prophecy is at hand, keep your eyes open . . .

Bright Moons, Nala