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Posted by on 1999 May 9 |

The Feast of Eluned

(Crossing, Zoluren: 308 Skullcleaver 357)

Long ago and far away, the stories all began, The ocean parted and from the waves, the water became land, And merfolk did with landlings meet, contesting for to see Just which would o’ercome the other, the landling or the sea. Now soon, again, the island comes, as seas grow rough and grey, And visions seen upon the waves do grow with each new day, And albatross, their massive wings, across the sea do spread So gather one and gather all for the Feast of Eluned! The merchants eyes do glitter bright with thoughts of Drogor’s gold, The fighters wish to prove their might a’jousting as of old. The healers and the woodsmen have, as well, their part to do For the living island groans in pain and seeks relief from rue. So come you one and come you all and take to ships to see, The festival of Eluned as the island rises from the sea.

Long ago, in the autumn of the Empire of the Seven Pointed star, an island rose from the waters of the Bay of Gwenallion. People from all over came to visit the mysterious merfolk who resided there, thinking to take advantage of their naivete, only to find themselves the ones taken in by the strangers’ charm. Great feasts and contests of strength and agility were held, with fiery illuminations which lit up the night skies for miles around.

And so the legends speak of the Great Feast of Eluned, which is augured by the return of these mythical Merelew amidst great signs in the heavens and earth. It has been over a hundred years since they were last sighted and now reports from seagoing vessels speak of a strange island which moves like a ship but is unlike any ship they’ve seen. A restlessness among the elves and hints of signs stirring indicate that if it is not the return of the seafolk, it is yet something of great import.

Rising out of the sea is the city of Andreshlew, the great city of the merfolk who travel the oceans plying their trade. Wherever they appear, they bring the Great Feast of Eluned, an event of rare proportions. Having traveled the world over, they are sure to have the most exotic goods imaginable.

  • Auctions of rare and mystical things
  • Feats of strength and wits,
  • Alterations like never seen before
  • Dozens of Merchants selling new and popular items
  • Exotic creatures from strange and distant lands
  • Unique games and contests to challenge you
  • A limited number of tickets to ensure high service by the merchants
  • Special happenings and surprises during the Feast

All this and more will await anyone brave enough to set foot on this unique city of the sea. The island invites you to take part in what just might be the grandest experience yet in DragonRealms.

300 Tickets have gone on sale, and the Government will limit touring to the Feast to this amount for various reasons, including the arrangement that all attendees will have greatly increased chances to get special things altered. (Zoha Himself has left some information at the Public Forums with some frequently asked questions and answers.)

Government-produced publicity includes the following information . . .

Feast of Eluned includes:

  • Roleplaying and Adventuring Opportunities
  • Puzzles
  • Alterers
  • An Auction of over 150 items
  • Exotic GM-run NPCs
  • Merchants
  • Games and Contests

[Ed Note: a discussion about this has already sprung up, and others are leaving their feelings with Baresh in personal commentaries.]