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Posted by on 1999 May 15 |

The One That Lies Dead

(Crossing, Zoluren: Skullcleaver 357)

As the door swings open to the Wren’s Nest Tavern, and it slams shut due to the wind with a loud *Bang*, I walked in. Turning my black cloak to reveal my features Baresh looks at me with concern.

"Baresh", I started out. "Slide me one of the finest ales you have," I lay a gold piece on the counter. Shaking my head in anger I drink down the ale.

"I don’t understand the times Baresh, I was on the Northern Trade Road just north of the crossings. I saw a Mage, whos name will nay be told, that was laying dead. His scimitar at his side. I asked if he had help on the way. I watched for awhile from the shadows and saw many just walk right past him. A fallen citizen that bled to death due to a wound he could not tend. How could so many be so cruel as to not offer a hand of help. I do nay see how so many could be so cold blooded. Why Baresh?,"

As Baresh slides me another Ale, I sigh with great sorrow. "I don’t see how any could just let one lie and rot. If it was me on the ground dead, decomposing, I would want one to help me in my time of need. I just don’t see how no one could nay stop and help. It angers me to see that so many worry about themselves, and not care to help those that need it. Even a drag to an empath, or a cleric, or to get help to that one that needs the help. It does nay take much time to drag one, or to summon help."

"If one is so cold hearted that they do not wish to help, then I hope in my heart that no one helps them! I do nay mean to sound cold myself Baresh. I just angers me so."

As I turn to walk out, I turn my cloak to conceal my features, as I toss another gold piece to Baresh. I can hear Baresh under his breath while shaking his head, "Mckirk, times have changed, some for the best, some for the worse."