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Posted by on 1999 Mar 23 |

The Way Toward a Champion

(Therenborough, Therengia: 120 Shorka 357)

A Champion is not made in the vast span of a sand strewn arena, with a clamoring crowd and nobles watching their swordplay. Nor is one made by hours spend killing to gain skills, or by having attained said skill. They need not wear the finest armor, or carry an altered blade.

The person to be chosen as Champion to me needed those skills and armor, to defend me. Aye, they even needed a weapon, sadly, to be wielded in my defense. But Lord Valkrin, in order to entrust this person into my care, was looking for something far more. He was looking beyond the obvious, to find a person as strong of heart and soul as of brawn and muscle.

Those qualities that make Paladins, the truly noble ones, the honorable ones, is a rare thing in these days. Seeking out those with those inherent traits was even harder.

From the time people signed up they were watched by both my Lord Cousin, and at times even by myself. We both spend many anlas speaking to people, asking very odd questions of them at times. There were many people that never tried to get to know the person they set out to Champion. This bothered Lord Valkrin and I immensely.

The people we did meet and talk to, were wonderful and there were so many we could not have possibly chosen the best among them. Luckily, we had the fighting to help us. People I felt comfortable with, did not necessarily please my Lord Uncle Torsten. Lord Valkrin and I disagreed on several as well.

After watching the fighting, it became quickly apparent that had we not spoken to people and gotten to know some of them well beforehand, we would have really been at a loss to choose.

Part 2: The Selection and the Tournament winner.