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Posted by on 1999 Mar 17 |

Trolls Swarm in Large Numbers

(Outside the Crossing, Zoluren: 95 Lirisa 357)

Ello, Fflewddur here again to report on some recent news. Today while hunting Rock Trolls I got quite a suprise. I entered a room with three trolls in it, quite rare to find without someone else in it. I started advancing on one of them, and to my suprise, three more trolls entered the room. It was now me against six trolls!

Now the most I had seen in a room before was four and two weren’t even fighting, but today they kept coming in and going out, until I had killed them all.

It wasn’t just this room that had swarming rooms, before I entered that room I had killed two trolls and another in a different room. By the end of my hunting trip I had killed at least fifteen rock trolls, maybe even more.

This seems to me like an amazing thing for I got more skills than I have in a long time, but could this be a warning or a vision of something to come? Are all the trolls hiding and waiting for the right time to strike? That I do not know, but for all who enter the domain of the rock troll, be warned that there are more than usual.

Fflewddur Fflame, Faithful Bard