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Posted by on 1999 Apr 18 |

Trolls with Scrolls

(Crossing, Zoluren: 224 Arhat 357)

Fflewddur walks in, clutching his hand to his hooded longcoat as if something precious lies there.

"Ello Baresh, Fflewddur ‘ere again, Yesterday I surely found something a bit unusual. A rock troll yesterday so kindly dropped a yellowed scroll after I decapitated the creature with my nimsha."

"Not knowing what it was I pursued in asking the elders of the bard’s guild to help me. Noone could read it, they said that a person needs 180 ranks of scholarship to read it, and none had such skills."

"All I myself could make out of it was that it was a spell, and an elder bard said that he could tell it was a clerical spell."

"Just trying to keep up with the news as you know Baresh, now give me that wonderful ale!"

Fflewddur graps his mug of ale of the counter and glups it down in one fluid motion. He tosses a few bronze kronars on the counter and sets his mug besides it.

"Thanks Baresh, keep up the good work"

Fflewddur fingers his goatee and then strides out of the tavern, pulling up his hood as he goes