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Posted by on 1999 May 31 |

Undead Attack Crossing

The figure of a large Gor’tog walks into the bar and flops onto a stool.

"One of yer best house brews please Baresh" he says, and continues with his tale.

"I was feedin an helpin out wiv answerin some of da refugees questions about our lands when I heard dat we was under attack. We fought for a long time against undead made up of black dark spirits, Gor’tog, human, dwarf etc. Kin an some Sibowen fings. Da Kin gave yer infected wounds an da Sibowen drained yer soul. We did pretty good against da attacks an a lot of da refugees tried ta help us even dough dey was tired an hungry. At dis time da barrier still hadn’t fallen an dis was jus a taster of what we might face. I am off ta get some rest".

Fayman downs his beer gives Baresh a few silver and leaves.