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Posted by on 1999 Mar 25 |

Velmix Returns

(Crossing, Zoluren: 19 Shorka 357)

Several evening ago a group of us gathered in the Crossing Tradter’s Guild were approached by a rather curios gentleman by the name of Velmix who was looking for someone to aquire some items from the Temple in Shard for him. He promised a profit which he looked like he could make good on and I was looking for a little adventure, so like any good trader, I readily agrred to do him this service.

My fellow trader Shiln, out of concern for my well being and curiousity as to the items requested and the purpose they might serve, decided to accompany me. In light of what befell Shiln later that evening, I wish I had insisted on travelling alone.

We made the trip to Shard, purchased the items- namely: 5 votive candles, 5 vials of Mobar blood, and a raven charm- and returned to the crossing. During much of the trip we were followed by a vulture which seemed to be watching our every word.

However, through much discreet whispering and some communications with a moon mage we met on the ferry, I was told many things about this Velmix. Such as the fact that he was supposed to be long dead, and in fact had a tombstone standing in the cemetary with his name on it. And, while he was physically locatable in the world at that moment, he was not to be found in the world’s lifescroll.

At this point Fretful and fearing for my life, I handed over the goods and accepted my payment without too much nonsense on my part. I have since been accused of being the Hand of the Devil for my actions. I offer in my defense only that i knew no better and that i am a tiny halfling that loves her life besides.

Shiln insisted that we remain in Velmix’s company for a little longer and see if we could not gain anymore insight into his plans. As Velmix had no apparent objection, we accompanied him to the Half Pint Inn where he was to meet some friends. These friends turned out to be one Zsalia Erandon, an empath with a curios neck wound and one Kainan Darcangel, a rather somber looking elf.

After some refreshments, Shiln asked Velmix about his reputation as a mighty sorcerer. Velmix responded only that he once was such a one. He would give us no information as to his needs for the goods we retrieved for him. After much subtle questioning and further hedging, I rather bluntly inquired about his supposed death. He answered only "haven’t we all been dead once, pleading to the gods to breath back into us life?" When I told him I had heard him to be more dead than that he responded only with a wry smile.

Nervous about my own safety and having business to attend to elsewhere, at this point it was necessary for me to excuse myself. Shiln remained behind. The rest of what I have to report was realyed to me by him.

Shiln questioned Velmix as to what he did for a living and whether or not he had any involvment in necromancy. His questions were largely rebuffed, Velmix only offering that from time to time he tried to help the dead. But by and by Velmix responded to Shiln’s repeated questions by asking him if he would be willing to pay for such knowledge.

Read then of Shiln’s Fate.