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Posted by on 1999 Mar 21 |

Velvers hammer Crossing

(Crossing, Zoluren: 110 Lirisa 357)

Kilan walks in looking slightly pale and seats himself at the bar.

"Well Baresh…Crossing jes got hammered by velvers…" Kilan shudders at the name.

"I had jes returned from Shard, visiting Nehfero the marionette builder.As soon as the ferry glided up to the Crossing docks I headed for the Warrior Mage guild.

I was highly surprised when I got there….for in the Earth Chamber were several liddle creature holding tiny bows nocked with tiny arrows. They were jes talkin…til someone began to advance towards one…when that happened?

They all got agravated an started firin…don’t let their small size an smaller bows fool ya…I got a tiny arrow ta me chest an quick dashed up the stairs…where I quickly died.

"Mind givin me somethin strong, Baresh?"

Kilan smiles warmly and begins to sip the chilled S’kra nectar that Baresh gives to him.

"Any way…those liddle things, velvers, they are … began to rampage through town killing many people. I saw many accomplished people struck down in front of my eyes….and many more in me minds eye. I kin speak no more of those dread undead.."

Kilan ponders becoming a bard.

Kilan shakes his head as if clearing a bad thought.

"Thankee much fer the nectar Baresh!"

Baresh nods slightly to Kilan who quickly stands an strides towards the door.

Kilan calls out to Baresh over his shoulder before leaving. "Once piece of advice…if ya see a tiny undead thing wieldin a bow…DO NOT advance on it!"

With that last bit of advice Kilan heads out into the crisp, clear night.