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Posted by on 1999 Apr 5 |


(Arthe Dale, Zoluren: 169 Uthmor 357)

I got these visions today, do you know what to make of them, Baresh?

A faint portal shimmers in midair before you.

The portal darkens to the color of thick fog.

The portal solidifies and darkens to an inky black.

You see a winged skull within the portal as it makes one final attempt to take on reality, then fades.

Mocking laughter echoes within your mind as a cold voice whispers, "Soon my faithful, soon!"

I was just there on the Greensward in Arthe Dale, certainly one of the more innocuous places.

–Elailin A’harin

[Ed. Note: Evidently this all pointed to the obelisk at Taisgath Island, where something very unusual happened.]