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Posted by on 1999 May 29 |

Visions Continue to Bother and Perplex Everyone

(Crossing, Zoluren: 385 Nissa 357)

Even more visions have been reported from patrons running in to the Wrens Nest. The details of the two visions regarding the raven-haired woman with the snake-like eyes was already told by Kashkin.

Coupled with the previous visions those awful booms we heard and felt, and even the omens in the very stars above, it paints an awful picture.

(Remember, too, the end of the year is nearly here, and we still must worry about the Hag’s Bloody Ride, too.)

Clerics were overwhelmed with a vision of:

A horrid vision of death and destruction surrounds you. Fields are strewn with dead, bleeding bodies, mained beyond recognition. You stare transfixed as the bodies arise… as Undead!
But more visions came in from moon mages. From Evolution Kepler:
Your sight clouds for a moment and you see a silver dragon circling high above a ravaged land.
From Hadn:
Your sight clouds for a moment and you see a sword-wielding Elf battling a silver dragon.
Then last night:
A Gorbesh Scout tracking it’s prey.
Just today, Bicce told me the latest:
Your sight clouds for a moment and you see the soulless eyes of countless undead, gazing forward behind a shimmering wall.
Pretty spooky stuff if you ask me.