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Posted by on 1999 Jun 10 |

A Gnome with a Mission

(Crossing, Zoluren: 35 Akroeg 358)

A very short bearded individual enters the bar and literally climbs up onto a stool. (He’s gotta be a gnome!)

"Good day, sir! I have heard much of you Baresh."

"Give me a mug of some semi-cheap ale."

"It has been a long journey for me. Crossing is not home, but it is nice and it will do. I might as well make good of it."

"I found Mags over by the Crossing’s Bazaar. Nice lady, but I don’t know why She would pay so much for branches. I did take advantage of her generosity. Enough so that I was able to afford to buy a small dwelling. Come on over and visit my small abode when you have a chance. I’m sure you’ll feel quite at home there."

"Well, I’ve founded a game that I’m sure the Elanthian peoples will enjoy. I call it "Ormond’s Elanthian Lottery". I’ll be holding it once per week. I’ll let you know when the first lottery is ready. It’s a lot of work I tell you. You can get the details at my abode."

"Well, I’m off. Hope to see you soon!"

The small figure climbs down from the stool and scurries out of the bar.

He’s a busy fellow!