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Posted by on 1999 Jun 16 |

A Goblin in Crossing!

(Crossing, Zoluren: 59 Ka’len 358)

The Elothean woman once again enters the bar. "OhmygodohmygodBareshBareshBareshBaresh!" She smashes into the bar and passes out.

After a minute she comes to. "Okay, calm down." she tells herself. "Now that I’m okay again, lemme tell you what happened." She shakes with excitement.

"Right out, around the Town Green, there was a single goblin scout. When I saw, him, I drew my sword and advanced, but he sneered at me and told me to stop. When I realized he could talk, I freaked out. I took a closer look at him, and here’s what I saw:

"It was wearing a pair of dark leather stalking boots, a leather hip pouch embroidered with a giant eye, a leather helm, a dark leather cuirbouilli coat emblazoned with a giant eye.

It was carrying some slender tip bolts, a light crossbow.

"I’m not sure what the giant eye is a symbol of. If anyone does, they should speak up. Anyway, while we walked down the Green, me and several others managed to strike up a conversation with the scout. We didn’t get much out of him, but he mentioned he was here to observe, and to gather ‘cargo,’ and that his brother was murdered here the day before, doing the same thing." The woman frowns. "Someone suggested that he was planning an invasion. He simply replied, that what the gobs wanted, they would take.

"Anyway, we kept people from advancing him long enough to enter the bank. He exchanged a few nasty words with the teller, mentioned that we have a nice city, and walked out. The minute he left the bank, he was killed at the hands of a man named Railz. The ensuing mob grabbed his gear and fled, leaving me with but a single cat’s eye quartz to remember him by." The woman sighs. "If we had waited a bit longer, we might know why he was here. People were worried that the gobs might move against us in the near future. I certainly hope not.

"But the Giant Eye embroidered on his clothes keeps bothering me…I just can’t remember what it means…

Shaking her head, the woman leaves the bar. In her hand, Baresh notices a sparkling cat’s eye quartz.