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Posted by on 1999 Jun 4 |

Another Assassin

(Crossing, Zoluren: 12 Akroeg 358)

Khorie, a shaky young Prydaen takes a seat and glances around nervously. When Baresh slides a glass of milk her way she jumps in surprise her fur standing straight on end. "Oh, thank ye very much," she stutters as she laps at the milk and begins to tell of her experience.

"Today I was sitting outside the Warrior Mage’s guild enjoying the company of some nice Elothians when someone on the gweth said there was a dead Prydaen at the west gate. I stood up and headed there to see if I could help in anyway. When I arrived I expected to hear someone singing the Wheel Song but that was not the case."

"There were many people around the area, and I saw the body of Catapract, a young Prydaen with rust colored fur." Khorie takes in a deep breath her eyes growing wide. "The cause of his death was quite obvious, his head had been severed from his body! At first I figured, because he was so young, that he had an unfortunate encounter with a goblin but thats what I get for assuming."

She nervously begins to fidget with her tail

"From the shadows, I heard the voice of Dyten referring to Prydaens negatively as ‘cats’. I quickly asked around the room and was told that Dyten was a Moon Mage and someone had witnessed him murdering Catapract because of his race. That was made clear to me when Dyten said something to the effect of, ‘The stupid people of the Crossing let you in this city and I plan to wipe you out,"

Her tail begins to lash angrily. "I heard about Assassins last time I visited your establishment but I figured it was an isolated event. Behavior like this would never be accepted in my birth-hub." She mutters something about inferior, furless people but realizes that is beside the point and continues.

"I followed someone who was dragging Catapract to the Cleric’s Guild. At first this made me uneasy but I was reassured. In the midst of many spell being cast upon his body the ghostly voice of Catapract said, ‘Im sorry but my soul must rest." He then said good bye and he was gone."

She lets out a deep sigh and her tail pauses for a moment.

"I looked at the sky and noted that it was time for the Mentors to speak so I wandered over to the meeting in the Amphitheater. I’m not sure if you can imagine the shock I felt as I walked into the seating area to see Dyten calmly walking around. Although common sense said that no harm would come to me in such a crowded room I had to leave."

Khorie looks up from the counter. "I came straight here because I had to tell someone. I have been treated quite well in this hub but I don’t feel as safe anymore. Maybe it will pass." She shrugs and slides a coin across the counter before walking slowly out the door.