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Posted by on 1999 Jul 9 |

Bard Competition Scheduled

(Crossing, Zoluren: Shorka 358)

Priam Jasmack, The Crimson Trader and his love Freyah Etherium, Empath of Elanthia (and short hairy sister of the reporter) wish to announce a Bardic Competion in honor of their engagement and coming marriage.

The Competition will be held on the ancient calander in the month of August on the 20th and 21st day, at Bearholts Tavern, begining at 7pm EST. on Friday and 5 pm EST on Saturday. Judges will be Tensyl, Kortny, Larisah, Kithria and Starlighte. Any and all may enter and any style of song is welcome.

Prizes will be:

First: 15 Plat Kronar and the winners Instrument of choice from among the Bardic shops of the lands.

Second: 8 Plat Kronar and a Faenallica from the fine shop on Asery

Third: 5 Plat Kronar and Faenallica from the fine shop on Asery

In addition there will be a prize for the most Romantic Performance. The First Place winner will recieve a paying commission to perform at the reception of Freyah and Priam on the day of their wedding, which is currently scheduled for October 2nd or 9th.

Any and all interested please contact Freyah at her pigeon address of so she may schedule your performance during that 2 day weekend. If all slots fill the performances will be scheduled in order of reciept of the your entry scroll.