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Posted by on 1999 Aug 6 |

‘Concerned Passerby’ Disturbs the Peace at Crossing Bank

(Crossing, Zoluren: 264 Moliko 358)

Horrible, horrible. Those are the only words that can describe what happened in the Crossing today. Someone-a "concerned passerby"-was in the bank, apparently researching an order that will put a NO LOITERING sign on the bank, similar to the one near the Bathhouse.

However, he turned out to be a total Despot. He was trying to stop people from using "symbols" while selling things in front of the bank. For example:

: A Bard Marionette, 2pk ::Whisper Moleface::

would be considered an arrestable offense, but

I’m selling a Bard Marionette for 2 plat, whisper me if interested.

wouldn’t. This guy wasn’t telling us this nicely, though. Oohhh no. He would say something like, "Palsin, stop the gibberish." Palsin would have no idea what he was talking about, so the passerby would accuse him of either hooliganism or disturbing the peace, or both. Dozens were arrested on "gibberish" charges without even knowing what they were. Official Warnings were being tossed around left and right. Me and about ten others were arrested for insulting the passerby, calling him things like a Godlike Snert or a Slimy Little Coward. In other words, we were arrested for speaking our minds.

The Prison was a madhouse. People were kept in there for hours, and at least 2 people died, one, Titius, from a brawl. PvP was rampant in there, and at least 3 people received official warnings. The fines were wildly uneven. One guy was fined 1.2 plat, while I got 3 silver and the stocks. Later on, GM Viani showed up to give us pep talk, kind of like a Detention Supervisor, except she was floating an had a halo on her head(I’m not kidding. I know this is getting weird, but hear me out). She tried to get us on her side, to buckle down, saying if we didn’t use "gibberish" the guards wouldn’t bother us.

Okay, if any of the GMs are listening, this is the last straw. I understand that Elanthia isn’t America, we don’t have a Bill of Rights, but this is why people leave DragonRealms. You guys are power tripping on our suffering. This HAS to stop. There are enough rules already. We understand we should stay in character, but Jeez O Peez, this is supposed to be fun for everyone, not just the GMs.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened, and I, for one, am fed up. I remember a time when GMs were respectful and helpful. If you agree with me, feel free to send me a scroll at, or Palsin at, and join the Order of the Hooligans, a group opposing GM brutality. I know, it sounds fruity here, but if you’d gone through what I and dozens of others had that day, you’d understand how disgusted I am. This MUST stop.