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Posted by on 1999 Jun 12 |

Fear Those Whom Seek the Sentinel’s Return

(Steelclaw Clan, Ilithi: 42 Ka’len 358)

A distinguished gentleman enters the bar. Upon seeing Baresh he heads to the bar.

"Do you have some spirited libations on the warm side? Some hot cider perhaps?"

Baresh fills a cup with some hot cider as if in anticipation of the order. It strikes the gentleman odd, but he shakes it off, preferring to enjoy the liquid’s warm that it would soon deliver.

"Thank ye, good sir."

Baresh looks at him as if he had seen him before. The gentleman smiles knowingly and nods.

"Aye. It is Calmyron Prodragon. I was here only a short while ago exposing the evil doings of a cowardly thief," his smile fades and a look of concern takes it place.

"Unfortunately, I am nae here just for the company or the cider. I came here because ye seem to have an uncanny knack of distrubuting information that needs to move fast amoung the population in these lands."

"I have information of a meeting that needs to be spread." He takes a sip of his cider and some color returns to his cold cheeks.

"I was trading in Illithi province, as I am long to do. It was a cold but clear day that soon turned into night. Usually I turn in after they close the North Gates of Shard, but I was close to a minor goal and choose to press on."

"Well, I had just meet me goal and as fortune would have it, I had just been given a contract to return to Shard from the Steelclaw Clan. I was looking forward to a warm fireplace and a comfortable bed to rest me tired bones."

"It was then that I was approached by a man. I must nae reveal his name for now. He fears that others may harm him. He has more fears that control him now though."

"He spoke of a person by the name of Maqae. I know nae of this person, but he seemed to know a great deal of her doings of late. Seems she is trying to construct some towards at Windy Pass in Illithi. As a trader, blocking the pass is a natural concern. But his went deeper than a mere trifle of trouble with travel."

"It seems Maqae has intentions to awaken the sentinel. Of this he speaks, I know nae. Perhaps I should spend more time in the libraries than the outposts. His fear seemed genuine and I have little doubt he fears this awakening. He mentioned that if her plan came to pass, an eye would appear on the world and see us all. This he feared above all."

"I cannae make much in assumption of what he speaks. Me limited knowledge of this sentinel leaves me lacking. However, it seems Maqae has already started construction. He aims to stop it if he can. He also believes that Maqae donnae know what is truly in store for her creation. He feels she is misguided by her own visions of what may come to pass."

He takes another gulp from the cup and looks into the cup as he continues.

"He was seeking out members of me guild for assistance. I be a trader ye see. He was most upset at the lack of interest in his plight. Seems I was the first to her his pleas. I told him that most in our guild are too full of visions of coin to pay a mind to anyone."

"He is concerned though. He wants to set up a network of ‘watchers’. People who can keep a sharp eye out. Seeing that we as traders cover a great deal of territory in Illithi, it made perfect sense to seek out members of me guild."

"I would appreciate it if’n ye would pass on this information and that I will be available for anyone wishing to seek me out and help this person find Maqae. I have a home in Illithi, four blocks east of Pearl street, just one block northeast from the entrance of the Great Tower in Shard. Tis a red bricked home. Simply knock and I will let ye in. Seek me out there or in Brickwell Tower in Shard."

"We need to find some people willing to keep a sharp eye out. Once I feel we have enough to do the job, I will gain audience with him once again. He will give us some further instructions on what to do."

He finishes his cider and slides the cup to Baresh who quickly cleans it and stores it away.

"Thank ye for the ear and the cider, barkeep. Both are quite welcome," he tosses a platinum dokora on the bar. "Same as last time, Baresh. Give the extra to the needy."

With that he heads for the door, adjusting his greatcloak for the cold night and the long travel back to Shard.

"Oh… one more thing before I forget."

Seems Maqae has some followers of sorts. Friends of hers if’n ye will. They all seem to have a pewter charm. A sign of friendship I suppose… or loyalty.

::he puts his forefinger to his lips in thought::

"This gentlemen was concerned about them however. That perhaps they even offered a form of communication between them all. Similar to our gwethdusauns, but only to each other. We cannae seem to hear them."

He shrugs and places his hands inside his greatcloak once again.

"Tis only a thought though. He donnae have any proof of such. Just a feeling about ’em."

He waves at Baresh and braces himself for the winter air his body is about to receive. In a singular motion, he whisks himself out the door with nary the tinest breeze from outside felt inside the bar.