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Posted by on 1999 Aug 21 |

Four Lethal Pirates in Aesry Surlaenis’a Killing Everyone

(Aesry Surlaenis’a, Qi’Reshalia: 258 Shorka 358)

A tall Ranger with a look of mission storms in…

"Baresh, the most unexpected has occured, I was at bank with a bunch of others in the Lake of Cha Walkas city in Aesry and outta nowhere a band of 4 men and woman Pirates began attacking random people. The dead begging us to fight back, I had hid and aimed and meleed one of them. I shoot at melee at full aim and he dodged…he then killed me. Others began to drop as well.

" "Their armor was double leathers and very different weapons. After awhile we managed to kill one of the pirates…but he was dragged off by salior a friend of his…they said they will take the island of aesry and the ‘loot’."

"We cant stand up to that kind of power alone…we need help…please mainlanders…as much as we detest each other..come and help fight this menace!"

With that he drops a few silver coins for his elven sherry and runs out with a look of mission.