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Posted by on 1999 Jul 5 |

Goblins are Getting Desperate

(Stone Clan, Zoluren: 137 Shorka 358)

An ugly grey-haired Dwarf strides into the bar confidently, pulling all of his huge beard onto the counter.

He mutters in Haakish "Any spirits stored in dem back rooms of yours? Bring em out, and keep em comin."

After some confusion on what the Dwarf is saying, Baresh fetches him some Fine Dwarven Spirits.

"I was just engaged in a glorious battle pitched against some goblins around the bank area. I’ve fought against them before, and have held my own against their beserkers, scavengers, pikemen, and archers. But what I saw today made the goblins fall even further in my estimation." He slowly mutters in his native Haakish language.

"There on the battlefield with the usual hordes of beserkers and the sort, were goblin villagers!"

"It was very saddening to see their little scrawny villagers fighting with slings and rocks, and no armor, against all of us armored ones with huge metal weapons. They fell like Gnomes in a drinking contest. I just wanted ya to know how the goblins have fallen…"

Gurone waves at Baresh and totally forgets about paying him for the untouched drink, and walks out the door. The barkeep shakes his head and with a small smile makes a couple marks in a small book at the bar.

"Twas a fine tale, and he deserves the drink," Baresh murmurs.