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Posted by on 1999 Jun 16 |

Goblins — They’re back…!

(Riverhaven, Therengia: 59 Ka’len 358)

He leans at the doorway, looking half worried and half mad. "Well well Baresh yet another fine story for you, Ill tell you now , I was sitting in having doing my thing pickpocketing, you know the usual. All of a sudden a goblin scout runs in!

"First thing jumps into my mind is kill, but it runs.

"So then I start using my wee bit of a brain and ask it its name, Maxtil, seems he’s scouting to make sure ‘Haven is safe for Cargo. Well he keeps moving, lots get mad and we advance it he calls help. Then archers come, one or two — but the next thing I know 4 – 5 people are dead, all by this one little puny archer!" he grumbles.

" Well anyhows, they were wearing cyclops stuff and it worries me. When asked about who he was working for he merely said I would make good cargo , then I brought up the Gorbesh and he chuckled and patted me on the back. Yeah I’m worried," he grumbles. "On top of that I’m just mad cuz I lost my muddled rank that I worked aaaaaall day for and two favors. Oh well thanks for the concern old friend and be cautious."

With that he slips out the door.