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Posted by on 1999 Aug 7 |

Leth Deriel Has New Government!

(Leth Deriel, Zoluren: 267 Moliko 358)

The city of Leth Deriel is now under new leadership. The past mayoress, Lindryl has been removed from office but she is free to stay in the city or move anywhere she wishes.

The new government has seperated the city of Leth Deriel from the principality of Zoluren and has issued a formal request to the Ilithi government requesting acceptance into the Province of Ilithi.

All those who wish to see the people of Leth Deriel remain free and wish to see the city takes its place in the Province of Ilithi where it belongs, come join us in support of this new government.

Once the city of Leth Deriel is accepted into the Ilithi province, there will be an election held to choose a new mayor and this new government will step down.

There will be a city meeting at the great tree at 8 pm eastern, the new government will be happy to discuss your concerns at that time.

Mordiazi Neus

Elven historian

Izma Ru’ef