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Posted by on 1999 Aug 4 |

Looking for Crolom

(Crossing, Zoluren: Shorka 358)

A young man enters the bar looking around intently while making his way to the bar. He leans across the bar upon his arrival. Excuse me barkeep? Would you have by any chance seen an adventurer by the name of Crolom around lately?

Upon being informed he has not, the man sits down and sighs. Well, it would appear he had a nasty run in down hunting reavers. Didn’t make it out in fact. I found his grave and his stuff was all over so I started packing it up and headed off to look for him but he was no where to be found. The man lets out a loud cough that to a near-by listener probubly sounded alot like ‘logged’. I would assume by the fletching equiptment, he’s a ranger but you never know. Well, I geuss if you see him just let him know that Devander of the paladin guild is holding his stuff for him.

He hands over some coins for the barkeeps trouble and heads on out the door.