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Posted by on 1999 Jul 2 |

Ocular: A New Plague

(Crossing, Zoluren: 104 Lirisa 358)

At the Great Feast of Eluned’s Rising, those in attendance were met with much joy and merriment. It was an occasion for mutual gain between both cultures, those from the mainland and the Merelew. However, it became painfully clear that something other than a great banquet was at stake. Whether the first clues of such were picked up from the ravings and warnings of Hiklin Daggerzz, a Halfing from the mainland, who claimed a vast array of highly threatening information as well as serious wrong doing on the part of our Hosts, or from the obviously nervous body language displayed by many of the Merelew. The tension was only heightened when Queen Unavia of Andreshlew commanded Hiklin to be thrown in the dungeon for his foul mouth. However, his claims were not unfounded, as it was soon to be found out.

Several folks from the mainland, snooping where they do not belong, came across several of the Merelew cooking and eating a Halfling. As something was clearly wrong, they approached the Merelew and discovered a secret of far greater importance then they at first realized. Many of the “Merelew” that attended the Feast were not Merelew at all, but that of the Ocular, an entirely separate race that has the ability to change their form at will. Garfaldo, quick to realize what was happening, defeated Ghilthan, one of the Ocular, in the Treasure Room of the Palace. Upon his death, his spirit revealed that which was not completely understood.

The Ocular had been living among the Merelew for quite some time. They had been plotting to overthrow King Galpelus and seize Andreshlew as their own. They attempted to convince the King not to hold the Feast of Eluned, but when that did not work, they attempted to frighten the mainlanders away. However, their craving for olvi meat gave them away, and they were found out, their plot ruined. After this confession many of the other Ocular were hunted down and slain. At least two were unaccounted for, and escaped to the mainland. They now dwell among us, unknown to all who see them.

To this new plague now bestowed upon us by the Merelew, King Galpelus expressed his profound apologies. He was truly grateful to those of the mainland for ridding his Isle of such a threat, and wished us luck in dealing with those that now dwell among us. He knew of the existence of the Ocular race, but very little else, and had no idea they were living among the Merelew. With the matter concluded, and little else to be done at present, the great Isle of Andreshlew sunk back into the sea, leaving us with the burden of the Ocular.