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Posted by on 1999 Jul 5 |

Ocular and Queen Unavia

(Crossing, Zoluren: Lirisa 358)

Ellsdragon wanders into the bar ordering a drink to go. While tossing a few coins onto the bar he says "Baresh, Just a little news I heard and it seems no one has told you yet."

Taking a quick sip and continuing, "Well Baresh, about those Ocular. Yes one did come to crossing while the feast was in attendance, but what seems to have slipped some people telling you, the Ocular showed up as a Merlew, and transformed into some race which I have forgotten. But my friend told me he was here sent by Queen Unavia and needs to know where Arthe Dale is. Well my friend and one other showed em."

Sighing briefly Ellsdragon takes another sip and continues in another big breath. "Also during the feast I saw something very very odd. And it seemed only a few others of the holy order could only see it…..A dark aura surrounding Queen Unavia. Now this of course was very important, but when I confronted some merlew and even the queen they totally ignored me."

Taking his last sip and sorting his stuff out Ellsdragon says one last thing, "Oh yes Baresh, the Ocular are flesh eaters, and during the feast the goblin assassin attacked spirit woman Aojunni who was merlew, but now we know she was an Ocular. Is this of some significance? MAybe the goblins know, and are trying to fight them. Maybe they think we have some in our ranks and that’s why they fighting us. All I know is we are at two threats and only a few details to work on."

"Good day Baresh, I hope to see you again soon."