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Posted by on 1999 Aug 4 |

Old Bard Returns to the Realms

(The Provinces: 184 Shorka 358)

You hear the main door swing open and shut. Baresh looks up at the strange visitor, possibly recognizing the face from some time ago.

The stranger, as you now recognzize as an elf, and by the looks of his ring a bard, sits down at the bar.

Baresh moves over to the stranger and he looks up. The stranger says, "Hello"

Baresh responds, "Hi, do I know you? Your face looks familiar."

You look over and see somthing on the strangers belt, something with a web-type emblem on it. The stranger says to Baresh, "My name is Domnin, I was in the Realms before the Great Move, came with the others, and then left the realms. According to the old calander, It has been 2 years since I have been in the realms. I have explored the world, and when, in a land far away, I saw a guard that was fleeing the Gorbesh onslaught, I decided I must return. I ask you to please tell all of the old bards that Domnin has returned."

With that last phrase, Domnin pulls out a jellybean, eats it, then walks out into the night, humming some long lost tune.

Baresh calls after him, "Welcome home! The lands are in sore need of song!"