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Posted by on 1999 Jun 1 |

Rakash and Prydaen Relations Cleared Up

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Nirauk the Rakash runs in and pauses to catch his breath, "Baresh! I have made an error in my story and have come to clear things up!"

"I recently spoken to my elder, Rhue, about our truce with the Prydaens. He looked at me with a puzzled expression and I explained to him that Balam, a Prydaen elder, told me of the truce between the Rakash and the Prydaens."

"He then nodded and told me that Balam has made an error, most likely due to his old age. He then explained to me that the pack has stayed away from the pridelands and the Prydaens have stayed away from our territory and that was the way it was always been."

"I extend my fullest apologies to those who listened and were mislead by my story." Nirauk stares at the ground while walking towards the exit.