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Posted by on 1999 Jun 4 |

Sasher Confronts Rumors

(Crossing, Zoluren: 4 Akroeg 358)

‘Hello Baresh. Might I have a word with you?"

Baresh looks up to see a tall, regal Kaldar. "Sasher?" he asks, "Whatever happened to talking like a dumb ‘Tog?"

"Ah" Sasher replies, "In good time. I have come to answer some inquries made of myself. Yes, the Kaldar are stronger, faster, smarter and better looking, in other words superior in every way to humans, but I talked as you say like a ‘dumb Tog’."

"People also wondered why I said I lost my home, when the Kaldar really made a pilgrimage."

"And since the Kaldar race doesn’t live in a tribe naturally, what ‘tribe’ am I referring to?"

"Well, in answer to the first question, I am not the smartest of all Kaldar. I recently trained at your Academy Asmath, and they taught me to speak as you do. I am now as or more intelligent than any other Kaldar."

"Secondly, I lived along with a Rakash pack. We shared hunting ground, and their pack territory was our tribeland. When the Gorbesh hit their pack, they hit my tribe, and so, we became refugees. Actually I think that represents part of the third question, too. We live in a tribe simply because in the wilderness, alongside a pack race, and nearby the Gorbesh, we need that sort of government."

Anyway, I hope that dispells any rumors or questions going on."

As always, I would love to hear of any refugees, and especially Kaldar, so I can set up a meeting time and place. I would like to have a big sort of party. Send over a scroll, and I’ll see what I can do.

With that, he tosses a silver on the bar and walks out.