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Posted by on 1999 Jul 19 |

Shopkeepers No Longer Blind

(Crossing, Zoluren: 190 Uthmor 358)

"Ah, Baresh, good evening to you."

Baresh blinks at the stool he thought empty no more than a few seconds before. "Good eve to you, as well, Shadow. What will you have this fine night?"

"Hmm, make it something not too expensive tonight. I’m having a bit of trouble lately."

"Trouble, for you, Shadow? The Traders guild cutting back their contracts again?" he chuckles to himself.

"No, worse, friend. All the shopkeepers and shop assistants in Elanthia have seemed to gain an incredible amount of perception. Why, not even someone as I can…inspect the wares before purchase."

"Inspect, eh? Just as the buyer in the pawnshop inspect is before you purchase it as well."

"Not so loud, Baresh, there could be a guard or a paladin lurking about." The visitor scans the shadows for glints of light from shiny armor before stopping and laughing rather loudly before continuing, "Why, it suddenly seems that each time I go to inspect any merchandise, the shopkeeper can see me across the entire room and is there immediately, asking if he or she can help with anything. Its nice they’re so helpful," the visitor adds grumpily. "Some half fried moonie told me ‘There’s some slit in the atmosphere around our world which is granting them this power,’ but who trusts crazy moonies, eh, Baresh? All that mana goes to their heads."

"Well, perhaps some of those shopkeepers can start turning a profit now, eh, Shadow?" Baresh asks mockingly.

"Aye, its just those normal folks out there that are going to suffer from the increased rate of disgruntled thieving. You know, I just can’t control most of my fellow guildsman. Why, I’ve even had to spend more time off with those Traders, boring life that it is. Thanks for the drink, Baresh. We’ll see if any of those assistants are out to dinner before strolling off to bed."

"Good eve to you, Shadow," Baresh says to the empty stool. "What is it with him and his disappearing acts he likes so much? And why can’t he pay like a normal customer?" Baresh fishes the few gold coins out of his pockets, wondering again how they manage to get in there. "And how come if he’s having trouble, Tamasan always pays me extra? Oh, yes, our agreement should any guards ask about him," Baresh chuckles to himself before heading off to the next patron.