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Posted by on 1999 Jun 14 |


(Shard, Ilithi: Akroeg 357)

Baresh glances up as a slender elf steps softly through the door. She looks up and smiles sadly at his look of surprise.

"Yes I know Baresh….tis been a long time since I stopped here, but I have come seeking your help. A terrible thing happened during the Invasion of the bowmen in Shard last night, something that has broken my heart." Tears well in the crystal blue eyes, and the lady attempts to blink them away.

"Please Baresh, I have a notice, may I post it here by the bar?"

Baresh nods in curiosity and the lady posts a handwritten note carefully on a beam near the bar. Casting one more tearful smile at the barkeep, the elf quietly walks to the door. Baresh notices she is absently caressing her wedding band. Overwhelmed by curiosity, Baresh peruses the notice:

" Stolen! By graverobbers during the night of the Shard invasion. A golden locket patterned with a wreath of leaves circling intertwining letter VA.

Inside: you see a picture of a lovely Elven bride, smiling at her hal fling groom, while an elegant human woman raises her glass in a toast.

The return of this locket means the world, since it was made specifically for my wedding. It was last seen in the hands of hal fling, who left the realms immediately after taking it.

Vivianna Goodspell-Windsting"

Baresh raises his eyes in sympathy, only to find the doorway empty once more.