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Posted by on 1999 Jul 16 |

Theren Guards Debut

(Therenborough, Therengia: 177 Shorka 358)

A tall Elven Paladin saunters silently through the door, his movement accented with a warriors alertness and his face hidden behind the hood of his cloak. With a casual move he sits at the bar and glances at the menu, then lays it down and look to Baresh.

"Nothing I request good bartender, just a story to relay to you, But I get ahead of myself, let me speak of who I am. I am Seneschal Selquist, of Theren Guard, that weathered an attack against Theren of late. Scorn not or scoff, for this was an unusual experience. It all happened as I had woken up from a small nap I had taken just a few paces south of the Drawbridge, and to my surprise I saw at my feet looking down at me a death spirit. I scrambled to my feet as the evil being floated to attack me, I shuffled on my breast plate and greaves and such and withdrew my sword. All that really ran through my thoughts were an attack on the town, so I yelled for help and called the guard to alarm."

"Since my Captain Erieck, wasn’t around, I took command of the troops, to my dismay no one arrived and I was alone facing this death spirit. And soon after it’s friend arrived. Well, as the spirits reinforcements arrived so did mine. By my side I saw Lilea, entering the fray as pretty as you please. Soon we dispersed those spirits and more people started arrive but the creatures just kept appearing."

Selquist stops and shakes his head then continues, "We kept up and moved to the gate where we saw more of our guardsmen battling and where I proceeded to help in the melee. Soon after I dispersed a few spirits and fiends the battle was on in full fury with much of the guard. . . . the night wore on and so did the fighting, Soon after Captain Erieck arrived, I retired to the chapel to keep watch over one of the younger members of Theren, and from reports I heard of Wir Dinegos, lesser and greater skeletons, death spirits, dark fiends, tortured souls, ghouls, vengeful shades, forager ghouls, restless spirits, rotting scarabs, dark spirits, farshel sibowen and stone throwing imps were around and fighting the guard, but all in all being pushed back. Though I heard word that the stone throwing imps tried to talk but were accidentally killed in the midst of battle. Finally the fighting wore down to nothing . . . a good of the day, a far longer time then I’ve seen any invasion last except that of the Gorbesh. . . . I’m afraid it has something to do with the barrier that the prydaen and rakash erected. . . but we’ll see. . . yes. . we’ll see"

Standing casually, Selquist moves quietly from the room leaving behind nothing but a shadow in the memory of those who saw him.