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Posted by on 1999 Oct 8 |

A bit of a trial …

(Crossing, Zoluren: 117 Lirisa 359)

"It started small Baresh. There were few people there, but suddenly the amphitheatre was filled with scratching, comments, curses, and threats."

"Tempers and tongues ran hot and furious, moreso than any brains at times."

"It got quiet … as the prosecutor tried to stand a few times and failed. Now that was a sight to see, not even that walking cane of his could help him find two feet to stand on. His knees simply would not work … some of the crowd murmured he was weak-kneed."

"A human was the first witness the prosecition called, with milky blue eyes that peered out from over a thick bushy mustache and a long shaggy beard He had a tattoo of a wolf’s head shrouded by an aura of flame over twin crossed swords on his arm."

"The jury was sworn in .. hmm .. let me try to remember … there was ah .. an elf whose features I could not make out, a halfling, an elothean enchantress, an apprentice elf, a dwarven cleric, another elf, a human, an elothean cleric, an elven thief, a human bard, a dwarven cleric, an elven cleric and an elothean moon mage."

"Apparently the judge could not pronounce the empath’s name correctly … and there was a squabble from the elven barrister about the definition of the charge. The elothean judge does wear glasses."

"All the witnesses were asked to swear by their god to tell the truth." His tail twickers in curiosity as he peers at the barkeep. "I have three gods .. but you easterners have 13 … is it not true you have gods of deceit?" Fae winks at the barkeep "from some of those I saw and heard…." he lets the sentence hang.

"The first witness was asked questions about aRed Sash Leader and the defendant’s healing of him as seen by the witness."

"The defendant played with a glass of water throughout the testimony of this witness … sometimes desultorily, sometimes with a heavy sigh

Surprisingly enough one time the empath broke in with a snickering comment. The crowd threatened to join in and the judge had to remind everyone to be quiet."

"Turbulence in the ethers pulled the judge through a portal, but he returned momentarily, while a halfling gave the empath hot creamed coffee and a fried cinnamon cruller." Fae tucks his foot under the bar of the stool, wrinkling his nose and vibrissae. "Odd things you non-furred eat."

The second witness, a Gor’Tog, was called to the stand. You couldn’t help but notice his jade eyes and his jade skin shining in the available light of the amphitheatre, as he answered questions put to him.

"Another pirate’s name was brought forth by this witness along the pirate’s mind thoughts about taking the town or burning it. Here the empath yawned and glanced at her fingernails, drawing a look from the judge. Her counsel conferred with her quietly, and my ears are good, but I could not hear what he said. The witness then indicated he’d heard the defendant’s mind comment that she hoped the pirates succeeded."

"It seemed as though the judge fell asleep during the middle of this witness’ testimony .. I heard a whisper or three that perhaps he’s a little old to be sittin’ in such a place of power." Fae shrugs his shoulders, blue-grey fur rippling, the silver points shining in the light.

"Questions to the Gor’Tog ended abrubtly by the prosecution after reading a parchment the dwarf with the ice-covered heart on his arm laid upon his desk."

"The only question the defense asked the Gor’tog was how much he’d earned from auctions sparked by the Red Sash invasion … 500 plat was his answer." Curling his tail around a leg of the barstool Fae couldn’t supress a grin. "I still don’t see what fascination holds most of those here with those metal pieces, but I can tell you a few jaws in the crowd dropped."

"There was a slight buzz in the amphitheatre as the prosecution then called the dwarf with the tattoo, in a surprise move."

"After a moment’s consternation, the elven counsel accepted — as the dwarf was on the defense’s list." Fae’s right arm rests on the countertop, as he puts his weight on it. "Rumors spread through the crowd that the dwarf is a friend of the judge. Later on the elven defense lawyer even said as much outloud. As well as voicing a concern that the dwarf is part of the prosecution’s team."

"The empath became noticeably nervous when the dwarf began to speak about things he’d overheard while he was guarding her."

"He said, she said, "Every great transitional period requires sacrifice." An outburst from the empath stating she would never say anything like that rang forth and the judge had to call for order yet again."

"The empath sank lower in her seat, a dark, outraged scowl on her face, and her counsel seemed to be holding himself quiet only by a great effort of will, during the rest of the dwarf’s testimony." Pausing to look past the shoulder of a barmaid, he ran a clawed finger through his mane. "If he’d had a tail, the elf would have been everso effective lashing and flicking it through the air."

"It amazed me Baresh. The following time was spent with the barristers jabbing each other with their words, ’til the court issued a command to redirect or he’d adjourn court for the evening. This is how justice is acquired?" He peers upward, true curiosity showing in his hazel eyes.

"It is no matter for now the court stands in recess. All jurors have been ordered to return on the morrow."

Fae scrambled cautiously to his feet, whirling toward the door in a svelt motion. "In all frankness Baresh, I’m glad I have yet to become a citizen of these lands … I truly want to go to the west my parents have told me about." Fae considered something for a lengthy silence. "That reminds me … there’s a cave I’ve heard of, do you know … "