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Posted by on 1999 Dec 3 |

A talk with Lord Sorrow

(Crossing, Zoluren: 338 Dolefaren 359)

After the incident with Romeode and the ring, and a minor incident on the Town Green, Prayk and Darkensi had consented to moving the discussion they were having with a few of the towns’ citizens to Angmar’s private home. What follows is a brief recounting of the conversations that took place, seperated by topic. A minor bit of rearranging was done on my part to keep the continuity together, but all the information is presented in the manner it was given to us.

Prayk says, "Now."

Prayk says, "Alot of things have gone on this day"

Prayk asks, "Now, Darkensi, you want to start by explaining what transpired with Romeode?"

Darkensi says, "I would rather not."

Darkensi says, "The one you speak of was brought to Lord Sorrow and his guests."

Darkensi says, "For he had an item they needed to study."

Darkensi says, "He was asked several times for it.."

Darkensi says, "If the ring would of been given, all would of been well.. as Lord Sorrow had said he would return it."

Darkensi says, "I know Lord Sorrow"

Garfaldo asks, "What is Sidhlots involvement?"

Darkensi asks, "Who?"

Garret says, "Sidhlot"

Darkensi asks, "Elf or human?"

Garret says, "Elf"

Darkensi says, "He was there as guest to Lord Sorrow"

Darkensi says, "Both wished to study the ring"

Prayk says, "It is times like these I question my resolve."

Prayk says, "Sidhlot is not someone I would like to face as an enemy, and I’m not sure I like him as a friend either"

Garret says, "Sithsia is important"

Darkensi says, "Not from what I’ve seen"

Burlock asks, "tell me darkensi, what were you doing in cave bears the first night sorrow attacked, when he ambushed me there?"

Darkensi says, "Searching."

**At this point, Sorrow and Sidhlot himself came to Angmar’s door and were promptly let in.

Sorrow says, "Good evening."

Sorrow says, "What a pleasant little gathering."

Sorrow asks, "I hope I’m not disturbing anything important?"

Sorrow says, "Well, please proceed."

Prayk says, "We were explaining why Romeode died earlier, and what we are seeking."

Sidhlot says, "He didn’t need those legs or hands."

Prayk asks, "Now, where did you leave off Darkensi?"

Darkensi says, "Only that he did not agree to give the ring."

Garfaldo says, "Sorrow.. I know ye believe the ring is rightfully yers.. as it might have very had been."

Sorrow says, "It’s mine now."

Sorrow says, "I’ll return it when I am through."

Sidhlot says, "And after I take a peek."

Sorrow says, "Sithsia is quite mad."

Sorrow says, "Hard to understand much, but I try."

Garret asks, "Didn’t she show Farn’s company how to erect them?"

Sorrow says, "I don’t believe so."

Tesalan asks, "I’m going to be blunt and to the point. Sorrow, what is your ultimate goal?"

Sorrow says, "Why, to bring about peace and prosperity of course, as was seen in years long gone."

Sorrow says, "I have natural leadership tendencies."

Sorrow says, "The Empire has a fine government. It was only towards the end when it fell."

Tesalan says, "Even if you want to restore thr empire, you go about it the wrong way. People will not just allow you to do something that will affect their lives without having a say"

Sidhlot says, "Some people have to be forced for the good of the majority."

Agraynel asks, "Lord Sorrow, do you actually mean to accomplish this goal by some type of reformation of the Empire?"

Agraynel says, "I don’t think I’ve actually heard you say that yet."

Sorrow says, "I mean to unite the lands and reinstitute the government of old."

Sidhlot says, "But make it better. More far reaching. Other continents…"

Hegemonic says, "I’ll play devil’s advicate.."

Hegemonic asks, "what is in it for us Sorrow?"

Sorrow says, "Why, the chance to live in a new golden age of course."

Tesalan asks, "Are you offering us the choice or forcing it upon us?"

Sorrow says, "I offer no choice."

Sidhlot exclaims, "It must be done for the good of all!"

Dreamheart says, "I think that Dzree and her ilk also thought what they did was for the good of all."

Sidhlot says, "Dzree was a fool."

Garfaldo asks, "An’ how does Velmix figure inta’ this?"

Sorrow says, "The Dragon Priests went about it all wrong."

Garfaldo asks, "An’ how does Velmix figure inta’ this?"

Sorrow says, "Velmix was just a visitor."

Garret asks, "What about the book you seek? You still preparring to recover it?"

Sorrow says, "Yes, plans are currently underway. Thank you for your concern."

Agraynel says, "Lord Sorrow, I honestly care less about a recreated empire than I care to find out what exactly it is you want with Sidhlot."

Sidhlot says, "Lord Sorrow and I compliment each other."

Sorrow says, "In all things. Together we succeed, divided we fall."

Agraynel asks, "Lord Sorrow, you have some idea of the kinds of things that Sidhlot is famous for, then?"

Sorrow says, "But we hope to change that."

Sorrow says, "Both of us have quite the history. No matter."

Garret says, "Sidhlot you aren’t be any chance in charge of Marstan or Vaxin? they seem the type to be following you"

Sidhlot says, "They are rogues."

Garret asks, "Dividing us?"

Garret asks, "Wasn’t that a part of the prophecy?"

Sorrow says, "That’s the good part of it."

Sorrow laughs!

Burlock says, "I will never accept it sorrow"

Burlock says, "you will have to kill me"

Sorrow says, "That will be arranged, if needed."

Burlock says, "prayk, I have no real love for the crossings, or whatever type of government rules it, it’s just another city to me, but I can feel his evil in my bones and I will fight it"

Angmar says, "Crossing has been my home since the lands were first settled and I shall defend it to my last breathj"

Prayk says, "Then that is your choice. I simply ask you let me do my tasks without you accosting me, or I will be forced to kill you."

Prayk says, "I am tired of killing you repeatedly."

Prayk says, "Every turn we make, we are being shot at, cast at, or degraded."

Prayk says, "I did not know Sidhlot would be joining Sorrow"