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Posted by on 1999 Oct 4 |

A Traitor In Our Midst

(Crossing, Zoluren: 100 Lirisa 359)

"I’m sure you’ll hear this news elsewhere Baresh, but as Cormyn and Denalis may have told you information is my … talent."

Faelkal settled back into a sitting position, glancing out the window again to seeing nothing but the clear sky of an early spring evening.

"On the hope that I may get this news to you first, I have a question to ask you later …"

Abruptly the Prydean turned to look at the barkeep, slitted hazel eyes seeking out the barkeep’s own sight.

"Coincidence, or that Lady Chance chose to put my tail in the shadows of a limestone bench and some sawed-off sections of trees, just in time to listen to a conversation between an some Elves, a Human, and an Elothean. Apparently one of the Elves was the barrister for this empath that is being charged with treason."

From habit Fae measured the layout of the room. Seventeen years growing up as a refugee had taught many lessons, not the least being always having a way out.

"I was curious."

He shrugged. "I’m always curious."

"More people came and went … words flew fast, and sometimes furious. I heard much. But I’m thinking, if Cor has told me rightly about you, that you may want to pass a bit of this onto your customers."

"Jurors were being sought by a lass who’s scent I’ve smelled before. In fact the halfling that I had bought this fine crossbow from … in front of the bank, not more than moments before offered his services to the lady as a potential juror. She took a small group of folks who had gathered to speak with them." The wood of the lightweight carved-stock crossbow shifted as he touched it’s tip, catching a bit of light from the tavern radiances and glittered warmly.

"This, of course, sparked more discussion from those standing knotted in a little group. Again some of it heated. The barrister for the prosecution arrived, seeking a witness and pulled a rather large Gor Tog aside, trying to get him well out of reach of hearing. A running verbal confrontation continued throughtout all the hubbub between the Elf representing the empath and a Dwarven paladin with a tattoo of an ice-covered heart on his arm."

Faelkal stiffened slightly as another Prydean walked in, then moved on past.

"Right about then, the Elothean who presides as judge asked the elven barrister about rumors of threats against his client. The very paladin in the midst of vituperous exchange with the Elf was pointed as as one of those making threats. Apparently there have also been threats against the barrister prosecuting."

"You know Baresh? It seems this town is full of threats." Faelkal grinned engagingly, his undeniably richly textured fur gleaming.

"But … I digress."

"The judge made the Dwarven paladin personally responsible for the empath’s safety until the trial occurs."

Fae leans back, twickering the tip of his tail just enough to keep it off the floor. "I tell you all of the abyss almost broke loose at that. The Elven barrister and the Dwarf were both near speechless for a moment. The judge indicated to the Dwarven paladin that not one hair of her head should be out of place. The judge then offered the Dwarf the choice of swearing to her safety or having the swordblades of the city called down upon him."

Another slight grin surfaced from beneath the vibrissae of the Prydean. The Dwarf said, "I’ll keep ‘er safe, all right …"

"This hub of yours is full of information Baresh … full of it." His tail twitched convulsively again.

Leaning forward, Faelkal lowers his voice, "Do you know where I might find someone who can show me the way to …"