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Posted by on 1999 Nov 15 |

Bad days ahead in Therengia

(Therenborough, Therengia: Moliko 359)

Plunking heavily onto a barstool, her rounded dwarven features flushed with some recent exertion, the cleric waved Baresh over.

"Oi, an ale over here if you would, love. What a long day of trotting about it’s been."

Hefting the offered tankard in a plump hand, Moomintroll smiled gratefully at Baresh as she pushed the proper coins across the bartop.

"Thank you love. Delivering messages is hard and thirsty work, isn’t it. So much going on, I’m plain wore out, I am."

After a few refreshing drinks of ale and a satisfied sigh, the dwarven cleric continued in her happy-chatty fashion.

"Have you heard what’s what up in Therenborough? What a mess. Lord Ulor saying one thing, accusing Chancellor Elak he is, and Elak accusing back. I can tell you, I don’t know which is right or wrong, see, but there’s sure to be arguing about it. In my mind, what’s worse than one of those crimes is all these folks second-guessing their loyalties to Himself the Baron."

Another long drink and a short pause, before she chatted on whether Baresh replied or not.

"See, I don’t think those folks in Theren know they’re even second-guessing, but when folk start questioning their lord’s judgement, well, worse is soon to follow. Got to stick together, folks do, or it doesn’t matter who was right and wrong. Everybody loses, don’t you know. That’s what a leader’s for, is my meaning. Keeps folk together by making decisions. Hope folks see that afore it’s too late."

Brushing a bit of spilled ale from her black velvet tabard, Moomintroll rose to her feet with a stretch and a sigh. "Well, thanks again love. I’m off to finish my rounds on my list and then I’ll be back for another."