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Posted by on 1999 Dec 5 |

Brivibas Reveals Answers to the Visions.

(Therenborough, Therengia: Dolefaren 359)

"Greetings to you, good Baresh! I would like to recount a tale for you reagrding the wonderous events of a week ago past. Lady Galya sits gracefully at the bar and shakes her head at the generous barkeeps offer of drink."

"As you all know the book of Chadatru was found several months past by a band of warriors, lead by the dear High Priest Brivibas. It now sits in a place of honor within Our Lord Baron’s keep."

"Well, it was with quite a bit of surprize to we of Theren when the good Brivibas, returned to us and spoke to my lady cousin, Lilea. In fact he then spoke to our dear friend, the paladin Selquist and soon I, regarding the troubling visions about the little boy, and Hodierna’s unicorn, and of the shooting star."

"Brivibas, being a priest of Lemicus and a scholor of books, was as concerned as I, regarding these troubling visions. after much discussion with Selquist, Lady Lilea, who is a wise mage of moons and myself we all agreed that Hodierna and this yet unknown child were trying to tell us something of dire importance."

"The good priest then began to tell us a wonderous tale.About this time the Moon mage Vereth joined us and we retired inside to the chapel and sat it presence of the book of Chadatru."

Brivibas began…

"It is one of many such books, lost to us. And the recovery of these books have driven my studies for more years than I care to count."

Brivibas looks over at the fragile book of Chadatru.

"You see, there was a time when the power of these holy tomes of wisdom was available to all. The followers of the great beast however, drove them into hiding, or captured and destroyed. This is now the only known book in existance."

"My friends, I am of the opinion that these visions are awakening us to the presence of another. And I intend to search for it. It is uncertain how many were lost, there was a time when there were book of wisdom on each of the gods.I am but a man…I could be wrong, and I realize it is foolish of me to even think that in my life another work might be recovered. But, I feel it so."

"Let me tell you what I know. The last known location of the Book of Hodierna was south of the city you now call Crossings. In the time of those who would serve the great beast, it was feared that the books were in danger. That is the name mortals now give that holy place. It was decided to take the book North ahead of the advancing hordes, to the perceived safety of Theren."

"It is known that three travelers were charged with seeing the book to safety. The names are lost to me. For the armies advanced northward from the southern reaches.There were three. A priest..A paladin…And a young boy. They never arrived in safety, and nothing was heard of them again."

"Although I am mortal and not without flaw. It was assumed they were captured by the agents of the beast, and the book was destroyed. Perhaps so, and certainly if I make my guess, danger lies ahead. Surely if we are to find the book it would be between these walls, and the holy shrine to Hodierna."

Smiling at Barkesh the Lady continues…

"Well from that point Brivibas decided we should go and search for this book that we could not tarry a moment longer. And so we left Theren…Selquist a paladin leading us; Lilea and Vereth students of the heavens; myself a priestess of Hodierna and Brivibas the sage and holy leader."

"We travelled south and collected many companions that fate-filled day. I shall leave the heroes and warriors tales to another. For there were countless ones to recall."

"We battled through the dark Miseneor Abbey and past it’s vast catacombs. At last in the end we found the Book of Hodierna and travelled to replace it within the Solace. The dear priest, his work done for a time, headed south, back to the libraries of Shard. And I dear Baresh, and blessed for in several minutes of pure joy…I held the book of my Goddess, the one of Light and Life…Hodierna."

Looking at Baresh thoughtfully, Galya stands and curtises. "Thank you for listening dear barkeep. Now I must be going…." And looking at her hands in wonder, she slips out the door.