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Posted by on 1999 Nov 19 |

Championing the Sacred Cemetary Grounds

(Crossing, Zoluren: 378 Moliko 359)

Marstan and Vaxin have arrived in town with the change in seasons. These are men of no small power.

Necromancer Marstan has had several disparaging remarks to make about Sorrow, but no one is asking too many probing questions why.

He has made it painfully clear he has nothing at all to do with the affairs or interests of the recent reappearance of Sorrow and associates, though.

Together, Marstan and Vaxin are attempting to stop those citizens of the Crossing who indulge in Blood Sports upon the final resting places of many people in the Cemetary.

They are backing up their argument with powerful summonings of attacking creatures when the requests for no violence on the Cemetary Grounds goes unheeded.

It seems to me to be a reasonable request. Honor the dead, and their resting places.

For those who do not do this, however, recent events indicate that Marstan’s patience is short and his resources long.

In his own words, if another tournament takes place in the cemetary, "the price will be very dear."

The warning seems clear enough to me.

Please, everyone, heed this latest plea. It may not only be those near the cemetary that pay the price for the acts of selfish posturing made during these so-called Tournaments.