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Posted by on 1999 Nov 28 |

Dusty ol’ Tapestry

(Zoluren: 321 Dolefaren 359)

As I gazed at the tapesty in the Abbey library the words seemed like none other I have seen, as I shook the dust from it, the words became clearer to me. Although some of the words were too faded to read this is what I could see . . .

We prepare an ascending path By the hand of the one we name Divine Of the west-would come the student One Magic! The one ascending of the child, We hold death to the heart in the end. Of the south-would come the holy man. One death! All pass on but the one The watcher who guard when the day come. Of the north-would come the thief. One deed! When the old become the new, And the new become the people. Of the east-would come the song speakers. One poem! When the four they do become one. We become strong with the passing of each day. We all dream of the midnight When the lady leads the children home.

  [Ed. Note: Ranmadar and Brikmar also translated the tapestry and told Baresh about it.]